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NIC State Cloud Services Coordinators

In order to facilitate user departments in availing Cloud services, NIC has nominated Cloud Coordinators who are well versed with Cloud Technology & NIC Cloud services.

These Cloud Coordinators would guide & support the users in setting up and managing Cloud accounts, creating and managing servers on Cloud as well as coordinate with Cyber Security and Network teams of NIC, as & when required.

  • The details of Cloud Coordinator of NIC Uttrakhand for necessary Guidance & Support are as follows:-
S.No.State/Nitpu CentreCoordinators
1 Uttarakhand SIO:    K Narayanan Designation: Director General Email: sio-ua[at]nic[dot]in IP Phone: 46001 Coordinator1:    Rajesh Goyal Designation: Sr. Technical Director Email: rajesgh[dot]goyal[at]nic[dot]in IP Phone: 46012 Coordinator2:    ARUN SHARMA Designation: Princple System Analyst Email: sharma[dot]arun[at]nic[dot]in IP Phone: 46028

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